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SD-(W)LAN Services from Deutsche Telekom

Seamless solutions for secure WLAN communications

Seamless solutions for secure WLAN communications

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What ist Deutsche Telekom’s SD-(W)LAN?

Our SD-(W)LAN service is a network solution that integrates a fully managed and cloud-enabled Wireless LAN (WLAN) service into your existing LAN infrastructure. Providing maximum flexibility for your mobility demands, it can be enabled for companies of all sizes and geographies.

SD-(W)LAN allows you to eliminate the need for those time-consuming daily operational tasks, in addition to supporting the scalability required to enable your digital transformation.

Keep your WLAN network costs down

Setting up a WLAN infrastructure is complex. On the one hand, you need state-of-the-art hardware to ensure your network operations run professionally. On the other hand, your IT support staff need to handle a long list of complicated daily administrative tasks. Managing a LAN and WLAN infrastructure exclusively with your own resources takes time and money.

The typical challenges companies are facing

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Evaluating the condition of the network involves taking a regular inventory of hardware components. This takes up a lot of valuable working time.

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Close system monitoring, diagnostic measures, problem detection, and troubleshooting, as well as security measures, cost a lot of your IT team's time.

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Save your engineers from enabling/disabling ports, setting up and tagging VLANs, configuring switches and SSIDs.

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Analyzing performance, monitoring traffic, checking CPU utilization, and evaluating SLA incidents consume a large volume of resources.

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Protecting against malicious attacks requires continuous updates and management of security solutions such as firewall, access, and endpoint control.

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Continuous monitoring of component structure and performance, and compliance-driven reporting require a central management tool and the know-how to operate it.

Why choose SD-(W)LAN from Deutsche Telekom?

Deutsche Telekom's SD-(W)LAN Services ensure that your IT specialists won’t have to spend time setting up and operating your WLAN. Manual errors during configuration and management are also a thing of the past thanks to cloud-based automation. You can rely on a high-performance, professional network.

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  • Digital transformation: Easy transformation when it comes to adapting and expanding your network infrastructure.

  • Reduce work demands while you grow: Reduce workloads as your business grows and streamline daily routines that become more demanding with increased digitization.

  • Performance where you need it: Cloud services give you a highly scalable infrastructure that flexibly adapts as you grow.

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  • Minimize the stress on your resources: Customized solutions tailored to individual requirements take the strain off your business.

  • Focus on the essentials: Outsourcing standard services saves internal resources that help benefit your core business.

  • Make setup easier: Coordinate the required WLAN configuration with Deutsche Telekom in advance and simply plug the provided access points into an existing LAN infrastructure. Alternatively let Deutsche Telekom complete a site survey, recommend locations and install the access points for you.

Benefits of SD-(W)LAN from Deutsche Telekom

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Faster Availability

Easily set up the WLAN infrastructure via plug-and-play.


Less Hardware

Use SD-(W)LAN from Deutsche Telekom and eliminate the need for a WLAN controller.


Better Data Protection

Your data is kept in accordance with the European Data Protection Directive.


Zero Access to User Data

Only configuration and monitoring data is transmitted between company sites and the cloud.


Professional Management

Let experienced experts take care of the WLAN setup and everyday management tasks.

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Maximum Data Security

Rely on encrypted data transport for configuring the access points via a tunneled internet connection or via your company's virtual private network (VPN).

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We are ready to develop custom-designed, end-to-end connectivity and communication solutions that will help your business.

Find out how we can support and grow your business today.

We are ready to develop custom-designed, end-to-end connectivity and communications solutions that will help your business.

Find out how we can support and grow your business today.

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