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SASE powered by Deutsche Telekom

Bring a competitive edge to your cloud environment with Secure Access Service Edge

Bring a competitive edge to your cloud environment with Secure Access Service Edge

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What is Deutsche Telekom's SASE?

Deutsche Telekom's SASE solutions are the next step for SD-WAN, introducing a new and powerful framework for integrated security into our existing SD-WAN portfolio. SASE solves the main issue of how to enable, control, and importantly secure your company's cloud connectivity and the associated application landscape.

The Secure Access Service Edge, originally defined by Gartner, brings a new edge to your wide-area networking (WAN) and security by delivering a cloud service directly to the areas that need it the most. Whether you need to connect and secure your end-users, branch offices, IoT devices, or your cloud-based applications, our SASE-aligned solutions take our extensive SD-WAN portfolio and integrate it with advanced security, forming a single, full-scale overlay for your business needs. We describe the Deutsche Telekom SASE solutions as the foundation for any migration towards an 'intent-driven network' which should underpin most businesses' digital transformation journeys.

The rise of the cloud

Hybrid and remote work models have become the new normal. The requirements of ensuring continued business via enterprise networks have boosted the rise of remote working in decentralized teams, which increasingly need cloud-based collaboration tools such as digital whiteboards or video conferencing platforms. While a major shift in attitude and processes has accelerated this development, it has also led to significant challenges for IT teams in coping with these demands in a way that fits a business's needs, whilst maintaining a robust level of security.

The typical challenges companies are facing

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Increased demand for remote working and mobile workplaces requires the technology underpinning your enterprise network security to drastically change.

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Centralized IT architectures have become a bottleneck, limiting connectivity and speed as well as driving unwanted costs.

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Decentralized, internet-based architecture requires a significantly different approach to security and management.

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Requirements differ, from region to region, from connection method to connection method.

Why SASE from Deutsche Telekom?

To master the challenges of cloud connectivity for an enterprise network, SD-WAN was introduced, enabling scalability, automated cloud-native connectivity, and cost-effectiveness by way of flexible licensing. Deutsche Telekom's integrated SASE solutions are the second, decisive step, adding an advanced layer of cloud security.

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  • Vendor-agnostic: Make use of our best-in-class SASE architecture that can be integrated with our vendors of choice.

  • Industry-leading Experts: Whatever your specific needs are, our Deutsche Telekom experts will support you in making the right decisions about your enterprise network solutions.

  • Flexibility: We work with you to tailor our SASE framework to your business needs at every stage of your growth journey.

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  • Trust: We are a partner you can always rely on – with top ratings by the most renowned analysts, market-leading technology partners, and some of the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry.

  • Building on SD-WAN: Your technical and operational staff benefit from a SASE architecture that merges SD-WAN into a seamless and secure environment with full network connectivity for easy maintenance and flexibility.

  • Scalability: Combined with SD-WAN, SASE enables scalability, automated cloud-native connectivity, and cost-effectiveness by way of flexible licensing models.

Benefits of SASE from Deutsche Telekom


Minimized Security Risks

Enhanced security via core SASE functions such as Secure Web Gateway and Cloud Access Security Broker.


Reduced Complexity

Reduce the associated complexity of securing your cloud environments by simplifying your administration and control.

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More Control

Gain invaluable insight into how your users are being secured and how they experience performance across your enterprise network services, via sophisticated monitoring.


Full Integration

SASE can be fully integrated and used as a centralized cloud-enabled security architecture, integrating the security and visibility of your cloud applications.

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Improved Access Experience

Provide seamless connectivity and improved performance to all employees and devices, no matter where they are connecting from or what they are connecting to.



Our SASE framework gives you capability to 'fast track' your multi-cloud strategy, whilst maintaining a robust security model to protect your most important assets.

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We are ready to develop custom-designed, end-to-end connectivity and communication solutions that will help your business.

Find out how we can support and grow your business today.

We are ready to develop custom-designed, end-to-end connectivity and communications solutions that will help your business.

Find out how we can support and grow your business today.

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