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Corporate Responsibility

Connecting the world – for society and our planet

Connecting the world – for society and our planet

We think big

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Our expectations are high – for ourselves, our actions, and our behavior. This applies to everyone at Deutsche Telekom Group, from our board of directors to our employees across the globe. We firmly believe that we, as a company, build the trust of our customers, shareholders, stakeholders, and business partners by adhering to and monitoring our ethical and moral principles (code of practice), legal standards, and compliance guidelines.

That's why Deutsche Telekom follows comprehensive values contributing to positive corporate responsibility. Transparency, accounting guidelines, compliance, environmental and ethical standards are all included in this. These principles correspond with the relevant legal frameworks and fulfill the corporate responsibility guidelines of both our parent company, Deutsche Telekom, and the public.

We cover all of the bases

Corporate responsibility is not just a buzzword for us

Learn about examples of specific actions we are taking. For more, read Deutsche Telekom's Corporate Responsibility website.

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Climate and environment: Energy efficiency in networks

Our networks make up our core business and form the basis of our products and services. To handle growing amounts of data and improve the speed and quality of data transmission, we continuously increase the capacity and performance of our networks. To ensure that our energy consumption grows much less than the amounts of data transmitted, we pursue various approaches such as:

  • Updating our network infrastructure, e.g., by migrating the fixed network to IP technology and removing the equipment we no longer need.
  • Introduce specifications and requirements that firmly anchor energy efficiency in the architecture and design phase when selecting new technologies.
  • Using more energy-efficient technology for our networks. This also applies to the lighting, monitoring, and, above all, the cooling of our plants.

By continuously reducing the amount of electricity our technology consumes, we were able to save around 137 GWh (Gigawatt hours) in Germany alone in 2020. That corresponds to the annual consumption of about 34,000 four-person households.

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Data protection and data security

Data privacy is a top priority for Deutsche Telekom. We have a whole team dedicated to it. In addition to complying with legal requirements, such as European data protection regulations (GDPR), we’re also actively shaping data privacy. We work closely with data privacy experts to ensure the ongoing further development of technical standards, and we are committed to being 100% transparent. This means you can always be sure that your data is safe.

Deutsche Telekom is among the world’s largest providers of IT security solutions, the market leader in Germany, and the hub of cybersecurity expertise for the entire Deutsche Telekom Group. For many years, we’ve successfully extended this protection beyond our own infrastructure to our customers, who enjoy the same highly professional solutions that are used to protect Deutsche Telekom itself.

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